Ballet Class

Company class for professional dancers

„A company training should prepare the dancers for their day!

I focus on basics like placement, fluidity and density in movement.

The awareness of moving through space and changing directions I find exciting.

I emphasis on musicality and the different dynamics of movements.

As well I like to point out the connections and transitions from one step to the other.

With all that I want to improve the technique and quality of Movement!

And last but not least, dance should be enjoyable!“

“Jutta’s ballet classes are a perfect fit for professional dancers who work classically, neo-classically or with contemporary styles. Jutta pushes you to reach beyond your physical limits, working muscles and joints in a rounded and soft but held way, all while maintaining a classical training flow; it is something I loved from working with her. Her use of imagery helps me capture the concepts of the insightful corrections without having only the repetitive ‘shoulders down’ note. Jutta always pushes for more out of you in a way that makes you feel determined, always leaving me exhilarated.“

“Dynamic , organic, challenging and fun. Those are the main points of Jutta’s class. Always trying to discover and work on new approaches and levels, but never forgetting the basics. All this is framed in a respectful, loving and motivating atmosphere. Definitely, a tension reliever, a music call, an elongation push and a twisting force.“

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